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Blackbird Project Co officially started in 2022 to operate and manage a variety of international development and disaster response projects.  The focus of our work is a sustainable, tireless approach to the complex problems facing each sector.  

However, the origin of the Blackbird concept dates back to a furniture workshop in Kampala’s Industrial Area in 2015.

In 2015 a group of Ugandan’s from the West Nile Region worked with an American on a school project in Uganda’s Central Region.  During that year, over many hours of arduous labor, soccer games, and group dinners, an idea was formed.  Someday this group of hardworking tradesmen would develop projects to bring more of the value of the continent’s rich natural resources to the communities in need.   Through skills training and capacity building our goal was to develop businessmen and tradesmen who transform the future of their families and country.   

At the end of 2015, 3 members of the team piloted a furniture workshop in Kampala.  We borrowed space from a generous Australian and built furniture and countertops for one of the landmark restaurants in Kampala. 

Since that day we have refined our vision, funded our project, and established ourselves in disaster response work.  Our original lead carpenter, Benard Anguyo, passed away from preventable causes just before we kicked off officially in 2022, providing a constant reminder of the foundational importance of economic development.