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Teremunga Primary School in Koboko District was completed in November 2023.  For this significant project Blackbird fabricated the doors and windows at our workshop and provided the internal finishes, staircase, and roof of the building.  

The Blackbird Deployable Workshop concept was finalized in late 2022.  This project was designed with the deploy into the harshest conditions to build skills and livelihoods.  In refugee settlements longterm societies and economies are built.  Currently we are obtaining funding for the project. 

Our first construction contract came working on the Maracha District Government building in July 2023.  Our masonry foreman lead a team of masons to complete the brickwork for the building.

Value added timber exports are an ongoing operation.  Utilizing our kiln and dimensioning and planing raw timber Blackbird creates jobs along the value chain while Currently, Blackbird continues to work with authorities to ensure the use of sustainable forestry methods and replanting.

Blackbird Tree Farm was purchased in June 2022.  The farm has capacity to hold 4,000 hardwoods with an intercropping of fruit trees and other agriculture.  Thus far 2,000 Teak, Mahogany, and Iroko trees have been planted. 

Blackbird Workshop was built in 2022 over the course of 5 months.  Made from 4 shipping containers and various construction methods, the complex holds a woodshop, solar kiln, security house,  apartment,  office, carpentry supply room, welding supply room, and laundry facilities.  

Blackbird Value Addition Co. Limited was established to manage our in country value addition projects in Uganda in April 2022.