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Our mission is to empower the world’s economically oppressed through value addition, vocational training, and the dignity of work.

At Blackbird we believe there is inherent dignity in work.  There is pride in the independence, skill and self reliance dignified work can bring. Unfortunately, there are places in the world where the opportunity for dignified work is scarce.  Blackbird aims to establish economic development projects in these areas. 

Vocational Training is foundational in our approach to building stronger communities.  Increased capacity and skill enables workers to command higher wages and more stable employment, ultimately building more resilient households and communities. 

The economic driver for Blackbird Project Co is value addition.  Too often, Africa’s natural resources are extracted from the continent with little or no value addition.  Blackbird’s focuses on shifting the value chain onto the continent, creating much needed jobs, wages, and value-added goods for trade.  Our current focus is timber value addition and carpentry, sawmill, and woodworking vocational training. 

Our vision is to show that humanitarian aid can be done differently.  With a focus on economic sustainability and strategic value addition, we can offer a leg up, not a hand out, and empower people to choose their own future.  

Blackbird Project Co also operates in the Disaster Response sector.  Much of our work in the United States Disaster Response sector supports our endeavors in International Development.